Energy Efficient

  • A 140mm (5.5″) wide Imison wall has an R-Value of 3.7 (21 Imperial), a 190mm (7.5″) wide Imison wall has an R-value in excess of 5.0 (30 Imperial)
  • Imison walls have very low Thermal Mass which reduces internal temperature fluctuations caused by exterior changes in temperature, whilst also preserving internal temperatures induced through heating or cooling systems.
  • Plumbing is embedded inside the Neopor® /EPS core, insulating hot water for longer and further reducing energy bills.
  • The superior insulation benefits of Imison offers up to 80% reduction in energy as independently tested and reported by the CSIR.


  • Projects are completed faster due to the fact that a large part of the system is prefabricated, resulting in a dramatically simplified construction processes
  • A 40 square meter (400 square foot) house can be fully completed within 5 days after the slab has been poured – see our gallery for pictures.
  • A 100 square meter (1,000 square foot), 2 story house can be completed within 14 days after the slab has been poured – see our gallery for pictures.


  • Imison walls offer savings over conventional construction systems. Fibrecote is a two coat plaster system, which can be finished as a final coat to replicate expensive finishes resulting in even further savings.The following elements, typically required by other walling systems, are completely eliminated in Imison Walls: vertical drywall, acoustical/fire caulking, window sills, rc-channels, vapor barriers, batt insulation, wooden studs, hold downs, nails, blocking, plywood sheer, building wrap, exterior GWB, water proofing, stucco, and EIFS. This saves time, labour, and material cost.
  • Imison requires no heavy lifting or specialised equipment in the assembly process, as panels can be lifted by hand and placed into position.
  • The simplicity of the Imison technology, makes the system particularly cost effective when used in remote areas, where skilled labor is not available.
  • Reduction in transport costs:the panels for a 400 square meter (4000 square foot) home weighs less than 700 kilograms (1,500 pounds), including the steel and windows.
  • Less moving parts: Imison walls replace a number of trades that would typically need to be coordinated on site. If required, the panels can be manufactured to include windows in factory.
  • Foundations and slabs can be designed to carry lighter loads, further saving in equipment, labor and material costs, reduced excavation, haul off, use of concrete, etc.


  • The majority of Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment “FF&E” can be initially mounted or retrofitted in the future without the need for additional blocking inside the walls.

  Reduction in maintenance cost

  • Door knobs, chairs, and guest belongings will not penetrate the walls.
  • Sink/tub/toilet overflows do not affect the walls, which eliminates the need to remove drywall and insulation. Imison walls do not contain cellulose based materials, which reduces drying time and the danger of mold and mildew, allowing commercial spaces to be brought back in service quicker.

  Light Weight

  • Plastered Imison walls weigh approximately 85 kilograms per square meter (187 pounds per square foot). Kilogram for kilogram (pound for pound), Imison walls are unparalleled in strength, especially when compared concrete masonry block walls or ICF block walls, which weigh between 220 kilograms to 350 kilograms per square meter (484 and 770 pounds per square foot) – download report for detailed comparison.
  • Imison walls are considered the carbon fibre of the construction industry. Although 75% lighter than concrete masonry block walls they are comparable or superior in strength.
  • The lighter weight of the materials translates directly into fuel savings, reduced vehicle wear, and road damage.
  • Materials can be offloaded by hand, which results in reduced equipment cost at the job site.
  • In addition to the various benefits of Imison walls when used as external or internal walls in high rise construction, like energy and sound insulation and damage resistance, the light weight of Imison walls often reduces the foundation requirements and in urban redevelopment, often eliminates the need for additional reinforcing to foundations.
  • Imison wall panels replace drywalls, rc-channels, vapour barriers, batt insulation, wooden studs, blocking, plywood sheer, masonry, building wrap, Densglass/exterior drywall,water proofing, stucco, EIFS, brick, vinyl siding and hardy plank, which saves time and expenses by reducing on-site processes, waste, labour,and material.
  • Due to the simplicity of the Imison process and the fact that no specialised equipment is required, in remote areas such as mines, oil fields and forestry, the construction of Imison walls has allowed for the use of up to 95% of local, unskilled labour that can be trained on the construction site, during the construction process. Historically, Imison has also enabled the use of woman on the job site, largely due to the fact that the materials are light enough for woman to work with as opposed to many other alternative construction materials which are heavy.

  Accoustic Performance

  • A standard Imison 140mm (5.5″) wall offers acoustic performance levels of 37 dB.

  Fire Resistant

  • Imison’s 20mm (0.75 inch) plaster coat on each side 40mm (1.5 inches) in total offers a 1 hour fire rating for a standard wall. The overall rating of the assembly can be increased to over two hours where necessary.
  • In the event of a fire, Neopor® /EPS fumes are non-toxic – download safety data sheets for Neopor and EPS for further details.

  Dry Rot Immune

  • Imison walls contain no cellulous materials and the Neopor®/EPS core does not allow for water permutation. This eliminates dry rot and the likelihood of costly structural repairs associated with dry rot damage in conventional stick-built structures.

  Water/Moisture Resistant

  • Imison panels are manufactured from virgin, closed cell Neopor®/EPS, thereby completely eliminating water permutation – download detailed reports for further details. The Neopor®/EPS is furthermore sealed by Fibrecote™ and painted for further protection.

  Mold/Mildew Resistant

  • The Neopor®/EPS is impervious to water penetration. Imison panels do not contain any cellulous materials such as wood.
  • Neopor®/EPS does not produce allergens, irritants and potentially toxic substances that could result in related health problems for the occupants.

  Termite and Pest Impervious

  • Imison walls do not contain any cellulous materials, and are not a food source for any living organism.
  • The system is sealed room to room so bedbugs are contained and therefore not able to travel from room to room through back to back electrical receptacles or plumbing penetrations that are present in other construction methods.

  Precision Manufacturing and Quality Control

  • In order to ensure the quality of a finished Imison product, only authorized licensed Imison manufacturing facilities can produce Imison Panels and only Imison certified installers can purchase and install the Imison proprietary materials and equipment.
  • Imison wall panels are precision cut and assembled in a quality controlled, licensed manufacturing facilities, which ensures consistent quality compliance and adherence to the highest standards.

  Design Freedom

  • To reduce waste typically found in construction, Imison panels are manufactured using a library of standard panels that have been designed to eliminate waste and reduce costs. However, Imison is flexible to incorporate non-standard design elements where there is a need, ensuring that the architect has design freedom.
  • Any architectural plan can be converted into an Imison panel plan and shop drawing using standard panels.
  • Imison wall panels can also be seamlessly used in consort with any conventional construction materials such as concrete masonry blocks or conventional metal or wood framing covered with drywall.
  • The finished panels can be cladded for aesthetic purposes with most finishes such as material brick, stone, hardi panel, CMU, etc.


  • To locate an existing plant, please contact the representative in your region.


  • Looks and feels like a conventionally plastered brick and mortar wall.
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